CfE – Mental Maths Packs

A welcome addition to TeeJay’s suit of Core Textbooks and Support Materials.

Many of you will remember TeeJay’s Mental Maths Packs, written for the 5-14 programme, that sold to almost every Scottish school. This was a very detailed support pack, containing tests, practice sheets, teacher resources and more. They proved very popular and were a handy resource for teachers, however as the curriculum has evolved, the books had to be updated.

The TeeJay Team has now developed and produced new improved Mental Packs to support Curriculum for Excellence.

For each TeeJay Textbook -

  • A set of 20 Mental Tests for each of books 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a and 3b.
  • Can be used to supplement and support TeeJay’s Resources (or free standing)
  • Each test consists of 10 questions
  • Tests are cummulative, covering the work appearing in new topics
  • Each test has a “teaching” practice sheet to support it
  • Practice sheet consists of 3 questions replicating each of the 10 questions in the associated test. This provides a means to guiding children on how they should approach mental work and can be used also as a discussion tool
  • A grid to help teachers decide on the content  of each test
  • A class progress list to help monitor pupil attainment


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You can also request a FREE SAMPLE of our Mental Maths support packs, available via download here.