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A whole new concept in the Teaching of Mathematics

The TeeJay Maths Scheme provides what only can be thought of as a new approach to the teaching of Maths. It is both a core platform and a management tool for teachers and head teachers to use but more importantly, it is a stimulus for children and encourages and enthuses them to want to learn and get embroiled in the understanding of Maths. It uses a bright colourful pupil centred Core Textbook for each year as its focal point with each book supported by a suite consisting of a detailed on-line course planner, an associated Homework pack, a Curriculum based Assessment pack and in Primary, a mental pack that not only provides practice, but actually teaches the concept of Mental Arithmetic.

Everything you and your school needs right here in the one place.

Almost every school, Primary, Secondary and Independent in Scotland, is using our Maths Teaching Resources.

Hopefully, teachers in England and Australia will consider checking TeeJay Maths out.