Year 6


This bright colourful pupil centred book (200 pages) covers the entire content of the National Curriculum Mathematics Year 6 Course as laid out in the National Curriculum Document 2013.

  • The book follows on directly from TeeJay’s Year 5 Book and includes revision and consolidation of the work covered in the Year 5 course.
  • The Year 6 Book contains an 8 page “Chapter Zero” which primarily revises every topic from the Year 5 course and can be used as a diagnostic tool. This could be followed by TeeJay’s diagnostic assessments * of the work covered in our Year 5 book.
  • It also contains a Chapter 21, which revises every topic from the Year 6 course, prior to an end of year assessment.
  • Non-calculator skills are emphasised and encouraged throughout the book.
  • Each chapter has a “Revisit – Review – Revise” exercise as a summary.

ISBN: 9781907789595

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Teejay Homework pack

This popular pack is a favourite with Teacher and Parents:

  • mirroring exercise by exercise, the topics in this book
  • is available as a photocopiable A5 pack.
  • allows a parent to follow and monitor the progress of their child
  • free Teacher time to enable lesson planning.

Teejay Maths Course Planner

To help schools develop their courses, TeeJay Publishers has produced a Course Planner for the National Curriculum Year 1.

This Planner from TeeJay provides substance to what the content of each level includes, and givesan indication as to what is required at that level, with some basic examples where necessary.

It provides the basis of a course based on TeeJay’s Year XXX Books XXX and XXX and includes a final column which will allow planners to list practical activities, ICT Resources and specific methodologies. (These can be typed into the boxes provided).

The Planner comes in 2 parts.

Part A lists all the National Curriculum Outcomes in order, as listed in the official document.

Part B lists the chapters from TeeJay’s Year XXX Books XXX and XXX in the order we recommend schools should follow.

TeeJay suggests that it would be preferable to progress though the books (in the order of your choice) and use this document as a checklist to make sure that the work of the Year 1 Curriculum has been covered.

Sample of Year 6 book 6

Detailed Course Planner

Homework Sample

Assessment Sample

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Teejay Maths Assessment Pack

In addition to the many opportunities to assess the class formatively within each chapter of our books Teejay also produces a comprehensive assessment pack for each year.

TeeJay Maths Summative Assessment –

  • assessment pack provides continuous opportunities for the class teacher to measure the progress of the class via basic chapter tests,
  • a series of longer block assessments
  • a summative score gleaned from the end-of-year diagnostic assessment.

TeeJay Diagnostic Assessment –

  • The end-of-year assessment allows the teacher/curriculum leader to easily analyse the work of the class to determine, topic by topic, any weaknesses, either individually or collectively.

This supports schools in the handover of children from one year to the next.

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