Why is (maths) homework so important?

Homework doesn’t only benefit pupils or students, it also benefits their teachers and parents too. It’s a useful tool to see the progress of a student. Below, TeeJay Maths has outlined the top six benefits of doing your maths homework!

Practice makes perfect
Homework gives students a chance to review what was learned in class that day. Maths homework, especially, can help a child to build on their memory and thinking skills. With a subject like maths, a lot of work needs to be done independently by a student as many concepts are learned by practising them numerous times.

Students are prepared for the next class
Understanding the concepts that are taught in the classroom means that a child will be more able to understand harder concepts. If a child understands a concept while doing their homework, then it makes it easier for them to study for future tests.

Students have the chance to find the solution
Teachers don’t expect their students to find the solution for every problem from their minds. Homework gives children a chance to go looking for the solution whether that be in their notes, textbooks or, in this day and age, online. There are many resources available for doing homework.

Teachers are able to gauge if students need any help
By letting a student work independently this will help a teacher to determine if a child may need extra help with a certain topic. It’s also useful for teachers to know if students understand the way that they are teaching the subject. Homework tasks are also likely to be relevant to future tests as well.

It teaches and encourages positive independent study habits
Learning to sit down and work on your homework is an important task for a child to learn. Homework also teaches the importance of asking for help if they are unsure, timekeeping and responsibility. This should be encouraged from an early age so that later in school they are more likely to manage their homework when there is more of it!

Homework improves thinking and memory and helps develop time management and study skills

Even though children may not always be the biggest supporters of doing homework, it’s very important. It encourages a positive attitude towards learning and reinforces classroom learning. This is especially important for maths as having a good understanding of the basic maths concepts helps a student to progress easier to the harder topics.


Why TeeJay Homework Packs are special

Our Associated Homework Packs have three main advantages:

  • They come both as an A4 and more importantly as an A5 set of photocopiable masters, thus allowing the teacher to run off a back-to-back A5 booklet at the start of the year for each child.This means the pupil is provided with a whole year’s maths homework on day 1 and this saves the teacher valuable time.


  • The pack mirrors the book, exercise for exercise, meaning the homework is dedicated to the work completed in class each day.


  • Parents love the homework as it means they can see what is being taught in class each day as well as being able to regularly monitor their child’s progress.This provides for precise discussion, come those all important parent’s nights.

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