TeeJay Maths is delighted to ‘Champion’ National Numeracy Day

It’s the UK’s first ever National Numeracy Day on the 16th May 2018! The day will be an annual celebration of the importance of numbers in everyday life and will bring together individuals, employers, educators and influencers to improve numeracy.

The Scottish Government, Education Scotland, Experian, Virgin Money and many others are supporting this day. TeeJay Maths are delighted to be involved as a Champion of the day.

Nearly half of working-age adults in the UK currently have numeracy levels that we expect of primary school children. Low numeracy skills have a significant negative impact on individuals, their families and society overall. It’s estimated that low numeracy skills cost the UK economy £20.2bn a year.

The essentials of numeracy are the basic number skills that you need for everyday life, from finding the best deals in the supermarket to understanding your bank statement. So, it’s really important to continually improve your numeracy skills because numbers play a massive part in our lives.

Tom Strang, Co-owner of TeeJay Maths said: “TeeJay Maths are delighted to be a champion of National Numeracy Day. It’s with a sense of pride that we think that almost every Scottish school pupil, from Primary 1 to Secondary 5, will be opening a TeeJay Maths Textbook at some time every day in school.”

To celebrate National Numeracy Day why not check to see if you have the essentials of Numeracy by using this free online tool. You can then use the resources on the National Numeracy’s website to improve your numeracy skills!

This day is all about encouraging people to sharpen their skills and build confidence with using numbers. Working with numbers is something that we can all do a bit better when we practice it a little more – we are all numbers people!

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