How to make maths more fun!

Maths is really important for everyday life, from telling the time to counting money to measuring ingredients. Therefore, we need to strive to get children to understand how incredibly useful maths is in our lives.

Some children may need an extra hand with learning maths so below we’ve put together a list of activities that make maths more fun!



Make it a game

Games can be useful in helping children understand maths concepts better. This can include board games, video games and specific maths games. Games that we have already, like Uno, Monopoly and Guess Who? can be some of the most useful as children play them already and we may not actually realise how beneficial they can be!


Introduce technology

Using technology to help with maths can be very beneficial. There are so many websites, videos and apps that use games and fun activities to help with a child’s learning. Interactive whiteboards in classrooms can also be useful as it makes the learning experience more visual and therefore easier for a child to understand the lesson.


Give maths meaning

Every day we are surrounded by situations that require us to do maths. Children with strong number sense can approach and solve problems in a more pragmatic way. Having a good grasp of numbers can help a child be more confident in their learning as they understand how useful maths can be. Teach your child from a young age how much of an advantage this can have in their life by asking them mental maths questions and showing them what maths is needed for in life.


Make it creative

Every child is different, so learning needs to be adapted for each child. Switch up the learning so that they are not always sitting in their seat working on a problem. Go on field trips, play games, have a scavenger hunt, play an instrument or bake a cake! These are all times that we need to use maths, so your child is always working on their number skills.


Kids don’t always think about doing homework as having fun, however, it can really improve thinking and memory.


Why TeeJay Homework Packs are special

Our Associated Homework Packs have three main advantages

  • They come both as an A4 and more importantly as an A5 set of photocopiable masters, thus allowing the teacher to run off a back-to-back A5 booklet at the start of the year for each child. This means the pupil is provided with a whole year’s maths homework on day 1 and this saves the teacher valuable time.
  • The pack mirrors the book, exercise for exercise, meaning the homework is dedicated to the work completed in class each day.
  • Parents love the homework as it means they can see what is being taught in class each day as well as being able to regularly monitor their child’s progress. This provides for precise discussion, come those all important parent’s nights.


These are only a handful of ways that can enhance the maths learning experience. What other tips do you have for making maths more fun?

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