Year 5


This bright colourful pupil centred book (170 pages) covers the entire content of the National Curriculum Mathematics Year 5 Course as laid out in the National Curriculum Document 2013.

  • The book follows on directly from TeeJay’s Year 4 Book and includes revision and consolidation of the work covered in the Year 4 course.
  • The Year 5 Book contains an 8 page “Chapter Zero” which primarily revises every topic from the Year 4 course and can be used as a diagnostic tool. This could be followed by TeeJay’s diagnostic assessments * of the work covered in our Year 4 book.
  • It also contains a Chapter 19 which revises every topic from the Year 5 course, prior to an end of year assessment.
  • Non-calculator skills are emphasised and encouraged throughout the book.
  • Each chapter has a “Revisit – Review – Revise” exercise as a summary.

ISBN: 9781907789588

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