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The TeeJay Philosophy

TeeJay Maths is a brand new Core Mathematics Resource written specifically for the New National Curriculum in England, and has been produced by a set of Maths Specialists in a format similar to TeeJay’s highly successful set of resources now used by almost every Primary, Secondary and Independent School in Scotland.

  • Our Books are written primarily for children – bright and colourful with graduated questions. Each Year Book, through a Chapter Zero, revises, in depth, every strand of the Previous Year. Each chapter ends with a Revisit-Review-Revise exercise consolidating the work of the chapter. Each Year Book ends with a final chapter, revising all the work covered in that Year.
  • All Books have a Photocopiable Homework Support Pack mirroring the work covered in class and comes in both an A4 set of masters and an A5 set which can be made into an A5 booklet.
  • All Books are supported by an Assessment Pack, with a test covering each topic and Block Tests which cover an entire Mathematical Outcome – in write-on, non write-on and electronic formats.
  • Answers to all exercises, except the Revisit-Review-Revise check-ups, are included in the book. Early Books have a set of optional write-on support worksheets as FREE downloads.
  • All courses come with a FREE detailed Electronic Course Planner, allowing you to add your own notes.
  • A very reasonably priced set of resources.



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