National 5 Book CfE 4+


This book covers the entire contents of the CfE Level 4 course and should be used by students who have successfully worked through the CfE Level 3 course, around about Secondary 2, possible using TeeJay’s CfE Books 3a and 3b. It also forms the 1st half of the new national 5 course, and along with TeeJay’s book N5, covers the entire contents of the National 5 course.

  • TeeJay’s usual bight colourful pupil centred Textbook.
  • Each exercise is graded with the more problematic questions at the end.
  • CfE Level 4 and National 5 Outcomes listed for easy reference
  • Contains a Chapter Zero that revises all the Outcomes from CfE Level 3
  • Eight Cumulative Home Exercises interspersed throughout the book.
  • Seven Non Calculator Exercises throughout the book.
  • Each Chapter ends with a “Remember Remember” exercise as a summary.
  • The book ends with a Revision Chapter, consolidating the whole of the Curriculum for Exercise Level 4 Course.

ISBN: 9781907789502

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