CfE Book 1b


This book forms the 2nd half of the Level 1 CfE Course and should follow on from Book 1a. Together, these 2 books cover the entire  contents of the CfE Level 1 course.

  • Along with Book 1a, this will prepare pupils to attempt our Level 1 Assessments and our end of Level Diagnostic Assessment.
  • There are no A and B exercises. The books basically cover the entire Level 1 course without the teacher having to pick and choose which questions to leave out and which exercises are important. They all are!
  • Unlike Book 1a, it does NOT contain a “Chapter Zero”. Instead, every new Chapter is preceded by a Consolidation Exercise, which basically revises all of the previous work covered for the topic in our Book 1a. This means Each Chaper of new work is sandwiched between a Consolidation of former work Exercise and a Revisit-Review-Revise
  • Exercise which consolidates all the work covered.
  • Non-calculator skills will be emphasised and encouraged throughout the book.
  • Each topic will have a “Revisit-Review-Revise” exercise as a summary.

We believe the multiplicity of colours used throughout the book, both for text and in diagrams, along with the propensity for lots of clip art, helps brighten up the pages.

ISBN: 9781907789434

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