CfE Book 1a


This book can be used with pupils who have worked through the Early Level Course using our Booklets A1 to A12, and along with CfE Book 1b, covers the entire contents of the CfE Level 1 course.

  • Along with Book 1b, this will prepare pupils to attempt our Level 1 Assessments and our end of Level Diagnostic Assessment.
  • Spiral Bound for ease of use by small hands.
  • There are no A and B exercises. The books basically cover the entire Level 1 course without the teacher having to pick and choose which questions to leave out and which exercises are important. They all are!
  • It contains a 9 page “Chapter Zero” which primarily revises every topic at Early Level and can be used as a diagnostic tool.
  • Non-calculator skills will be emphasised and encouraged throughout the book.
  • Each topic will have a “Revisit-Review-Revise” exercise as a summary.

We believe the multiplicity of colours used throughout the book, both for text and in diagrams, along with the propensity for lots of clip art, helps brighten up the pages.

ISBN: 9781907789427

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